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Greens Keeper Lawn Care caters to residential home owners in the River Valley Area, and we do that EXTREMELY well.  Our attention is fully dedicated to you, the residential home owner, and we are committed to providing you with a level of convenience and customer service you have never experienced from a lawn company.

If you are a homeowner in the River Valley Area, there is simply not a better choice than Greens Keeper Lawn Care.

Check out Greens Keeper Lawn Care and you’ll see all the ways WE BENEFIT YOU.

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           Lawn Care (maintenance)

Organisms in the soil have the same needs we do: to drink, breathe, eat, digest and excrete. When the soil is healthy, fed with natural materials and not compacted, those natural processes allow…


                Flowerbed Mulching

Spring is coming and it’s time to start thinking about mulching your flower beds for the summer. Natural mulch is extremely beneficial for a garden. It traps moisture in the soil …

Greens Keeper Lawn Care

With Us the Grass is Greener

We specialize exclusively to residential lawns in the River Valley areas, and there are a couple reasons why that is important to you.

Residential lawn care requires different equipment than commercial properties. We use these equipment’s for services like Hedge Trimming.

You see, we’re not going to put a 2,000 lb zero-turn mower on your yard with a 72″ deck that goes 15 mph just to cut your lawn 2 1/2 minutes faster. It tears up your yard, and over time those heavy mowers create drive tracks.

No. We use professional lightweight zero-turn mowers and push mowers that won’t scalp your yard, tear up your grass, or create heavy tire depressions in your lawn.

By matching the right equipment to your home, your lawn stays beautiful year round.


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